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Human resource concept.

Moral integrity, people-oriented, the best of the people, everyone is a talented person. 

1. It is necessary not only to bring up the individuals with achievements, but also to cultivate the talent team and bring into play the effect of the scale of the human resource team. 

2. We should not only give full play to the functions of human resources, physical strength and labor, but also give play to the intellectual intensive functions of talents. 

3. We should not only give full play to the talent's own function, but also make full use of the social network function associated with it. 

4. Use not only the inner brain, but also the outer brain. 

5. Develop human resources continuously and take talents as the capital which is inexhaustible, inexhaustible and has the effect of multiplying and amplifying. 

Talent selection. 

1. Through absorbing mature talents and growing talents, the company can effectively broaden the channels of utilizing social talents. 

2. The company opens up four talent channels: 

Based on the region, give full play to the role of local talent as the main channel; 

Facing the whole country and absorbing high-level talents; 

Pay attention to campus recruitment; 

Seek the intellectual support of an expert. 

Talent development. 

Develop human resources at three levels. 

1. The top level of the company forms the elite team of professional managers. 

2. The whole staff training should be carried out within the company. 

3. The external positive influence of the company on customers and the public. 

Talent use. 

1. Understanding people: understanding people, understanding people, respecting people, not only understanding the appearance of people, but also understanding the potential of people. 

2. Accommodating people: create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not seek perfection and blame, and allow for improvement of self-discipline. 

3. Employing: to provide every employee with the stage to display his or her ability, and to create opportunities for learning, development and promotion. 

4. Being a man: treat each other in good faith, be kind to others, be tolerant and considerate of others, do not engage in internal friction, work diligently and cheerfully, be loyal to your duties, take the company as your home, and share the honor and disgrace with the company. 

Talent growth. 

1. The talent career growth plan and the company human resources development goal match each other, the staff and the company grow together. 

2. Break the fixed and single specialization mode, change the position and location of the staff at the right time, or set up the working group system, so that the staff can develop with one or all abilities. 

Maintain the enthusiasm, freshness and challenge of the staff. 

3. To establish a normal promotion mechanism for employees, so that ordinary employees have the right and opportunity to work hard and be promoted. 

4. Make great efforts to carry out the systematized rationalization suggestion activity, discover and excavate the talented person from it. 

5, to break through the routine mechanism to be able to stand out the top talent, the important task. 

6. Maintain certain employee mobility in the company.

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