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Quality and service commitments. 

Pre-sale services: 

The company provides necessary inspection facilities and all technical consulting services to the buyer. After the signing of the contract, the company will cooperate with the customer to complete the various works during the construction process, such as the progress of the project. 

Design and manufacture, drawings, documents, packaging transportation, commissioning and acceptance, etc. 

During the production and processing of the products, the buyer may send personnel to the factory, supervise the inspection and commissioning, and allow the relevant users to participate directly in the production and assembly of the relevant products, further understand the structure and performance of the products, and after the production of the products is finished. 

Buyer can go to the company for acceptance. After the products leave factory, our company provides technical consulting services. If necessary, we can send people to train the personnel of the user units to ensure that they can master the characteristics of the products. 

The company guarantees the quality of the products in accordance with the relevant international and national standards and contract requirements. 

After-sales service: 

1. Free on-site acceptance: we can send professional personnel to follow up service when the product is delivered. When the product is out of the box, the appearance and quantity of the product can be checked and accepted in cooperation with your technical personnel. 

2. Free instruction training: in case of your request, provide relevant knowledge training for user operators to ensure that they are able to master the characteristics of the product. 

3. Free installation and debugging: during the period of product installation, our company sends full-time service personnel to guide the installation on the spot, and to debug and electrify the products that have been installed. 

Users can organize power supply departments, installation units to participate in performance debugging and installation of the acceptance. 

4. Warranty period and maintenance: the warranty period of our products is one year after we leave the factory. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for the free maintenance and replacement due to the damage caused by the quality of the products. 

5. Professional service ability: our company has a strong service team, dedicated personnel responsible, unified arrangements, all service personnel have rich working experience. 

The company also regularly carries on the theory and the practice training to the service personnel, causes it to master the newest product technology at any time, unceasingly enhances the service level, enriches the service strength. 

6. Rapid response time: provide warm and considerate service for a long time, receive user request, Yueqing and adjacent area guarantee to arrive at the scene within 4 hours. 

Other parts of the country to the scene within 24 hours (travel time within 12 hours). 

Golden triangle electric technology co., Ltd.

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