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The key for the rapid growth of Golden Triangle is to adhere to the “three convictions”.

1. Respect every employee

2. Respect the clients

2. Our slogan is “honesty”. We take two measures to ensure good service: one is to choose and cultivate excellent employees. The other is to develop customer engineer for specified customer service.

3. Have our Golden Triangle Dream

We wil come over every obstacle to come true our dream. 

Golden Triangle Enterprise has five core values.

1. Respect and believe every employee

2. Pursue higher and better achievement

3. Be honest to our employees and customers.

4.  Our success comes from the term’s hard work, but not from some specific one.

5. We believe continuous creativity is vital.



What kind of Enterprise Culture does Golden Triangle have ? 

1.  Production power;

 The slogan of Golden Triangle is scientific and technological innovation and gallop to the world, which is also the significance of the existence of the company.

2. Client;

The enterprise must listen to and understand the needs of customers, then to meet these needs, and exceed customer expectations. Our mission is to become innovative enterprises, and in the services market to become a respected enterprise. In this one, the enterprise must maintain high-quality products, and continuous innovation, create more high value for customers.

3.  Employee

An enterprise , no matter which country it belongs to , untimately needs people to realize their value. No employee, No Business. For Golden Triangle, employees are as important as customers.

4. Invester

The enterprise must give investors a reasonable reward. Of course, When investors make an investment, they not only consider corporate profits, but also see the enterprise’s development ,risk and future. So, how to let investors favor your business? Among them, enterprises not only need to have courage, but also have the ability to better for a long time to survive, and look far ahead from a high plane vision.

5. Social responsibility

To increase the shareholder wealth, or the pursuit of maximum profit is always not the Golden Triangle Electric Power Technology Co. Ltd. the main power or primary goal. Besides making money, we are still actively take the social responsibility of citizenship in the countries and regions. Among them, the tax and environmental protection are important aspects. 

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