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金三角娱乐城报道Our company was selected in the first batch of national "energy saving products Huimin project efficient energy-saving distribution transformer promotion catalogue"_金三角娱乐城官网资讯【澳博】

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In January 11th 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced the "Energy-Saving products Huimin Project efficient Energy-saving Distribution Transformer Promotion Enterprise and Catalog (the first batch)." 

Zhejiang Golden Triangle Transformer Co., Ltd. was successfully selected, is Wenzhou Liu City of China's only one of the selected enterprises. 

The application for the application of high-efficiency energy-saving distribution transformer promotion enterprise declaration materials, is very strict, through the prefecture-level, provincial, national three levels of competent departments layer by layer. 

Second expert review, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the rules to check the performance parameters of the product, at the same time must be in the national product quality supervision and sampling within three years, the product is not unqualified, and requires energy efficiency testing and energy conservation product certification. 

Our company has 23 capacity solid coiled iron core transformers in the first batch of promotion catalogues. Our solid coiled iron core distribution transformers have been affirmed by the state government departments, showing the quality of our products and technical strength. 

This successful shortlist of energy-saving products Huimin project efficient energy-saving distribution transformer promotion catalogue, but also enhance our research and development, promote the confidence of energy-saving products, I will cherish the brand and opportunities. 

Increase the promotion of high-efficiency energy-saving three-dimensional triangular core-core transformer, put the energy-saving policy into practice, for customers, for the community to bring more energy-saving benefits.

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