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In August 6th 2014, the business and new equipment promotion meeting convened by Zhejiang Tusheng Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Co., Ltd. was held at Sheraton Hotel, Wenzhou. 

Representatives from Wenzhou Electric Power Design Institute and dozens of units, enterprises and other organizations were invited to attend. 

Our company as a distribution transformer manufacturer was only invited to participate, the company's chairman Liu Xiangrong led the technical department Xugong, Liu Gong and part of the marketing department to attend the meeting. 

In his speech, Chairman Liu introduced the development of our company and its production and testing ability, and briefly introduced the direction of business development in recent years. 

Xugong of the Technical Department explained the development course of the solid coil core transformer. 

Liu Gong made a detailed description of the advantages of the three-dimensional coiled iron core structure. 

The meeting highlighted the participation of a large number of social groups, strong audience representation and other characteristics. 

Through the explanation, the participants unanimously recognized the superior performance of our distribution transformer in the aspects of energy saving, environmental protection, low energy consumption, anti-theft and so on. 

They have said that in the future distribution products procurement activities our products as a priority. 

Chairman Liu thanked the representatives for their recognition and made an effective response to the quality of products and services. 

Through this meeting, more potential user groups have a deeper understanding of our company, we have a new understanding of our products. 

Through the introduction, the participants to our company's technological innovation, production capacity and quality assurance widely recognized.





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